Article Submission

Afghan Report welcomes the submission of articles for publishing. If it is related to Afghanistan, current security situation, humanitarian crisis, or the ongoing effort to evacuate ‘at-risk’ Afghans then we are interested.

Some Basic Guidelines

Original content. It must be your work. No plagiarism.

Unpublished. No Duplicate Postings. Don’t send in an article for consideration if it has already been posted elsewhere. Google and other search engines will penalize Afghan Report and the other site(s) as well; reducing page rank for both sites.

Clearance to Publish. If you are in the military or an intelligence agency make sure you get clearance to publish. You don’t need to get into trouble.

Nothing Classified. Self-explanatory.

Article Length. Ideal word count is 600 – 1,000. Anything more and folks will probably lose interest. Maximum of 2,000. Anything more than 2,000 words is two articles or a paper. Afghan Report violates this on many occasions!

Paper. If you wrote a paper (which is longer than an article) and you want it published online then send in an abstract (summary of the paper). We will take a look at it. If it fits then we can publish a post (article) with an excerpt or abstract of the paper and link to the paper posted online.

Pictures, graphics, map, etc. Include a visual aid that will add to the content of your article. Ensure you give proper credit to the photographer (creator), date, and location (if applicable). Don’t rip an image off the internet and send it to us if it is copyright protected. Send your image to Afghan Report in original size (but no bigger than 3 MBs). We will crop, reformat, and resize accordingly.

Author Description. Include a short paragraph about yourself – 1 to 5 sentences. Experience, education, books authored, Twitter account, or link to your personal website.

No Salesmanship. Don’t use the article to sell your product or service. Contact us if you want to advertise.

International Audience. Almost 50% of our readers are outside the U.S.

Writing Style. You can use any type of writing style. We suggest the U.S. GPO Style Manual or AP Stylebook.

Compensation? None. All works published under a Creative Commons license that provides for some permissive uses of your work.

Quick Review. We won’t sit on an article. We will review as soon as we can.

Article Withdrawal. If you decide to publish somewhere else before we publish; let us know. No hard feelings.

Send your ideas first. Then if we like it you can write the article.

Writers Wanted. If you want to be a regular or periodic contributor let us know.