COVID Test Fort Pickett

Afghan Report -Thu, Oct 7, 2021

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Topics: USAID in Afghanistan, rescued Christians, Kabul flights, humanitarian aid, border crossings, Moscow talks, Afghan passports, war on drugs, Afghan city in Wisconsin, CT to […]

Sophia Harmelink

Afghan Report – Tue, Oct 5, 2021

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Topics: Afghan passports, Congressional hearings, ‘Lily Pad’ flights, Podcast on Afghanistan, WhatsApp evac, Afghan music students, electrical power, book – “Get the Terp Up Here”, […]

Marine holds baby during evacuation in Kabul

Afghan Report – Fri, Oct 1, 2021

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Topics: New Taliban regime, U.S. intel and Afghanistan, media silenced, Afghan resettlement, CIA rescues, Milley testifies, Congressional testimony, and more. Private Groups and Less Money. […]