“Taliban Rule at 2.5 Years” – CTC Sentinel

Banner Taliban Regime

A recently published article in the January 2024 CTC Sentinel assesses the past few years of Taliban control of Afghanistan since August 2021. The Taliban’s emir has consolidated his role as the ‘supreme leader’ and steered government policy in a very conservative direction. Although there are differences among the leadership in their visions for the future the Taliban continue to prioritize the cohesion of their movement.

The first part of this article provides a look at the governance of Afghanistan, domestic policy, consolidation of control, resistance to the Taliban regime, and more. The second part of this article discusses the Taliban’s approach toward foreign relations. Its foreign affairs are deeply intertwined with its domestic policy and political considerations. Relations with the international community at large and regional powers are examined.

This is an informative read about the Taliban regime focusing on domestic governance and politics as well as relations with the international community.


“Taliban Rule at 2.5 years”, CTC Sentinel, Volume 17, Issue 1, January 2024, PDF, 16 pages. Article by Haroun Rahimi and Andrew Watkins published by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. Access the online article here or the PDF here.