DoD IG Report on Support to Afghan Evacuees at Quantico

Afghan Evacuee Housing at Quantico

The Department of Defense Inspector General released a report about the support provided to Afghan evacuees at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia by the DoD. The document was published on January 5, 2022. The objective of the audit was to determine whether the DoD adequately planned and provided support for the relocation and resettlement effort. The audit team visited MCB Quantico to review housing and other facilities, security, medical care, and costs associated with the effort. The team concluded that in a limited time to plan for a massive effort, TF Quantico personnel housed and sustained Afghan evacuees.

The IG audit team visited TF Quantico from September 23 through 28, 2021. There were some challenges – such as ensuring the accountability of Afghan evacuees and providing them with all 13 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention required immunizations. The effort provided by the Marine Corps was not without cost – in addition to the financial expenditures, there was a significant loss of training opportunities and increased wear and tear on USMC equipment.

In August 2021, the Department of Defense, along with other allied and partner nations, airlifted 120,000 Afghans from the Kabul airport. Many of these Afghans supported the United States military and other U.S. organizations during the long U.S. involvement in the Afghan conflict. Some of these Afghans faced ongoing, serious threats by the Taliban due to their support of U.S. operations. The Department of State activated the Afghanistan Coordination Task Force and requested DoD-provided support in the form of temporary housing, sustainment, and other support at suitable DoD facilities both within and outside the United States. Seven U.S.-based military installations were tasked with supporting the relocation of Afghan evacuees. Marine Corps Base Quantico was one of them.

Task Force Quantico had minimal time to prepare for housing and sustaining Afghan evacuees. The task began with a site survey by a 14-member team on August 24th. TF Quantico was stood up on August 27th. On August 29th, the first 241 Afghan evacuees arrived at MCB Quantico. By September 25th, one month after receiving the mission, TF Quantico personnel were housing and sustaining over 3,755 Afghan evacuees. On December 22nd, the last Afghan evacuees left MCB Quantico.

Report Contents:

  • In-Processing at MCB Quantico
  • Sustainment Procedures and Observations
  • Medical Procedures and Observations
  • Immunizations Provided
  • COVID-19 Safety Measures
  • Accountability and Security Procedures and Observations
  • Military Civil Affairs Advisors
  • Financial Costs of TF Quantico Operations
  • Additional Impacts of Support to OAW

Management Advisory: DoD Support for the Relocation of Afghan Nationals at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, Inspector General U.S. Department of Defense, DODIG-2022-050, January 5, 2022, PDF, 20 pages.


Photo: Afghan evacuees are escorted into living spaces at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia (photo by Lance Cpl. Scott Jenkins, Aug 29, 2021.