SIGAR Quarterly Report – October 2023

SIGAR Quarterly Report

The October 2023 Quarterly Report to Congress by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has been posted online. The “Quarterly Highlight” is entitled “Afghan Refugees Waiting for U.S. Resettlement Face Deportation”.

“Repatriation Plan”. On October 2, 2023, Pakistan’s government announced all unauthorized migrants would be expelled from the country beginning on November 1, 2023. The majority of these migrants are from Afghanistan. Over 600,000 Afghans relocated to Pakistan since the Taliban takeover in 2021. For two years, many of these refugees have lived in uncertainty, unsure of their legal status in Pakistan. Many of them are in the process of acquiring U.S. visas. Read pages 22-25 of this SIGAR report for more on this topic.


  • Section 1. This section covers U.S. assistance to Afghanistan, DOD Afghan Refugee Assistance, U.S. appropriations, humanitarian funding, economic support fund, and global health programs.
  • Section 2. This section covers the humanitarian crisis, the deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan who are awaiting U.S. resettlement, governance, health, education, security affairs, economy, and narcotics.
  • Section 3. A brief on USAID, State, and DOD assistance programs for Afghanistan.
  • Section 4. Audits and evaluations, lessons learned, investigations, budget, and staff.
  • Section 5. Completed and ongoing oversight activity by SIGAR.
  • Section 6. Three appendices: Abbreviations and acronyms, SIGAR written products, and status of funds.


Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction Quarterly Report to the United States Congress, October 30, 2023, PDF, 151 pages.